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2015 News

Larew signs young million-dollar winner Jacob Wheeler to pro staff

Gene Larew Lures announces the addition of bass professional Jacob Wheeler to its pro staff, bringing together one of the oldest names in soft-plastic lures with one of the youngest million-dollar earners along the top tournament trails.read more »

2014 News

2013 News

Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer lands Grand Lake record largemouth bass

Congratulations to Sand Springs (Okla.) angler Billy Lemon for his catch on Sunday, March 3, of the new Grand Lake record largemouth bass – 12.3 pounds. Lemon and his partner Cory Smith were fishing the first Nichol’s Marine Team Tournament event of the year, and were on the same lake where the Bassmaster Classic finished up just one week earlier. Lemon caught the giant around noon on an umbrella rig fitted with five Gene Larew Sweet Swimmers in Alabama Shad color, rigged on Larew’s High Tide 1/8 ounce black jigheads. read more »

Gene Larew Lures opens its Tulsa doors to visitors during Bassmaster Classic week

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Gene Larew Lures is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its famous Salt Craw soft plastic fishing lure with an open house and several other special activities timed to coincide with the 2013 Bassmaster Classic's presence in the city, Feb. 22-24. read more »

Gene Larew Salt Craw celebrates 30 years

The Gene Larew Salt Craw is arguably one of the most recognized baits in all of bass fishing. It is also the lure that is credited for really starting the salt craze in soft plastic baits when it hit the market in 1983. read more »

2013 Larew Product Releases

Rattlin' CRAWler

The new Gene Larew 4.25” Rattlin’ CRAWler is all about shake, rattle and no roll. The innovative soft plastic body style features exaggerated arm angles and oversized paddles that allow this bait to kick like crazy at even the slowest retrieve speeds. read more »

Sweet Swimmer

The castable umbrella bass rig has etched a permanent spot in bass fishing, and the new 3.5” Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer has earned its spot in tackleboxes for use on the multi-armed contraptions. read more »

Long John Minnow

To all the faithful followers of the 3” Gene Larew Long John Minnow, the message is: “Don’t worry.” Company officials say the changes made to the famous walleye and smallmouth catcher are superficial and have been done for all the right reasons. read more »

Biffle Bug new colors

No doubt about it, the Larew® Biffle Bug and the technique called “bottom buggin’” are here to stay. Tommy Biffle, the lure’s namesake, made the Biffle Bug and Biffle HardHead™ a popular combo with his multiple bass tournament wins in recent years. Other anglers across the country are also having success with the baits and heads. Biffle says it’s because the rig is so easy to fish. read more »


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