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The Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer is perfect for umbrella rig fishing

2013 Product Info

The castable umbrella bass rig has etched a permanent spot in bass fishing, and the new 3.5" Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer has earned its spot in tackleboxes for use on the multi-armed contraptions.

Swimbaits like the Sweet Swimmer provide the most realistic display of a school of baitfish with the umbrella rig. The most common baitfish species consumed by bass are members of the Clupeid family, which includes shads and herrings. Clupeids are small silvery fishes that exhibit schooling behavior. This behavior occurs when fish of the same species and size swim together in the same direction and speed in order to avoid predators or increase the chance of finding food.

At 3.5" in length, the Sweet Swimmer is one of the most versatile swimbaits on the market. Its size will attract bass of all sizes by imitating herring in the Southeast, shad in Midwest, and smelt up North. Whether the target is largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass, the Larew Sweet Swimmer is a great match to a wide variety of natural baitfish.

Larew Sweet Swimmers are bathed in Larew SweetOil. This scent-enhanced lubricant keeps the bait supple for amazing swimming action, while giving it a strong smell to get even more attention from bass.

The Larew Sweet Swimmer not only swims and smells like the real thing, but it also comes in 10 realistic baitfish colors. Whatever baitfish an angler is trying to imitate, there is a Sweet Swimmer color scheme perfect for the job.

The soft formulation of the Larew Sweet Swimmer adds to the bait's versatility. It is also a great choice on a jighead, drop shot, or as a trailer. With so many attributes, there is no wrong way to fish a Larew Sweet Swimmer.

The Sweet Swimmer is available in 12 colors, including solids and laminates. These soft plastic beauties are one of the best swimbait values on the market, with a bag of 10 selling for around $5.99 each.

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