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Gene Larew Rattlin' CRAWler makes noise

2013 Product Info

The new Gene Larew 4.25" Rattlin' CRAWler is all about shake, rattle and no roll. The innovative soft plastic body style features exaggerated arm angles and oversized paddles that allow this bait to kick like crazy at even the slowest retrieve speeds.

The craw-style bait has a flat body with a smooth back to allow it to come through tight cover, but its underside has "noise ridges" that provide extra vibration and movement every time the bait crawls across limbs, rocks and other cover. The body section is hollow, meaning hook-up percentages are maximized.

More fish-attracting attention comes from the fact that each lure has a loud glass rattle already inserted into its hollow body chamber.

The high quality, large one ball rattle is made in America exclusively for Gene Larew Lures. The 9mm-diameter rattle measures approximately 1/2" long in order to provide enough length for plenty of ball movement, yet remains short enough so as not to interfere with hooksets.

The Rattlin'™ CRAWler is designed to fit all four sizes of Biffle HardHeads: 3/16, 5/16, 7/16 and 11/16 ounce. All HardHeads come equipped with a loosely attached super-sharp 4/0 Owner J-hook, except the 3/16 ounce has a 3/0 hook. The CRAWler and HardHead combo essentially turns the lure into a weedless soft plastic crankbait, with the lure dancing freely and madly behind the football-shaped head.

The Rattlin'™ CRAWler, because of its hyperactive legs, can also be extremely effective when rigged Texas style, on a Carolina rig or used as a jig trailer. When rigged with an offset hook, the point of the hook can be skin-hooked into the lure’s back to help prevent hang-ups.

The Rattlin'™ CRAWler is available in 10 colors, including two-color laminates. There are six of the loud rattling baits packed per re-sealable bag. A package retails for around $6.49.

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