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Gene Larew Long John Minnow gets a facelift

2013 Product Info

To all the faithful followers of the 3" Gene Larew Long John Minnow, the message is: "Don't worry." Company officials say the changes made to the famous walleye and smallmouth catcher are superficial and have been done for all the right reasons.

"We built a new mold for the Long John, not to change it, but to keep it the same," explained Larew's George Toalson. Our brand new CNC machined aluminum mold spits out identical Long John's each and every time, plus allows us to make two-color laminates, and those things are important to us and to fishermen.

"This bait has a very distinctive rolling action that is a totally different motion from most swimbaits. We've achieved our objective of keeping the same action, while allowing us to some new colors along with the old standbys," he said.

In all, 10 new Long John colors have been added for 2013. Some are extremely bright colorations, such as outlaw special and screamer, in response to walleye and smallmouth anglers who probe the dark depths for their species of choice.

Although most fishermen rig the Long John on light jigheads, some anglers like to fish them on light-wire hooks with a split shot affixed to the line a few inches up.

"The Long John Minnow has been one of the best kept secrets of northern smallmouth anglers for some time, Toalson added. "But the news is pretty much out now. The Long John is a great size and has a killer swimming action. It seems to appeal to finicky feeders, as well as aggressive ones."

The Long John Minnows are packaged 10 per re-sealable pack and come in 24 colors, including solids and laminates. A pack sells for around $4.19 each.

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