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Lure Designers Confident new Three-Legged Frog is Anglers’ “Money Frog”

2012 Product Info

According to Chinese lore, a three-legged frog brings good luck and wealth and is often called the "money frog." Although the reference is entirely coincidental to the new Gene Larew Three-Legged Frog, the lure’s designers are confident their new floating bait will indeed be putting cash in the pockets of lots of tournament anglers for years to come

The Three-Legged Frog is unique in form and function. The bait's body is Larew's famous soft-plastic floating formulation, but the legs are traditional soft-plastic loaded with salt. The combination means the bait floats at rest (even with a 4/0 hook) in a realistic frog position – with the nose, head and eyes above the water line, and the body and legs underneath.

The legs have a wider spread than typical of soft-plastic frogs to provide greater stability and more kicking action. The width also keeps the lure from rolling during retrieve. Of course, adding the third appendage, which is ¾-inch longer than the other legs, creates even more commotion for the bait. The overall design allows the bait to usually right itself if it lands upside down in open water.

The Three-Legged Frog can be buzzed, popped, twitched or left to float at rest in open water or among lily pads and grass. Even the most subtle rod movement brings all three appendages to life with plenty of strike-enticing action.

Another key feature is the frog's hook compartment on its belly. It is truly a compartment, not a slit or groove, meaning the hook is seated with plenty of open space so it won't be slowed by friction of plastic on the sides of the hook during a hookset. The only hookto-plastic contact is the thin membrane of plastic at the top of the compartment through the frog's back. The design greatly enhances hook-to-strike efficiency.

The Three-Legged Frog is available in six colors: Black, Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Neon, White Pearl Pepper and Chartreuse Pepper. Five frogs are packaged per resealable bag. A bag retails for around $5.49.

The Three-Legged Frog is manufactured at the Gene Larew Lures headquarters in Owasso, Okla., using state-of-the-art soft-plastic injection molding equipment.

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