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Gene Larew Biffle Bug sees new hues

2013 Product Info

No doubt about it, the Larew Biffle Bug and the technique called "bottom buggin'" are here to stay.

Tommy Biffle, the lure's namesake, made the Biffle Bug and Biffle HardHead a popular combo with his multiple bass tournament wins in recent years. Other anglers across the country are also having success with the baits and heads. Biffle says it's because the rig is so easy to fish.

"The way the bait can move and jump around on the back of the HardHead means it's pretty much cast and crank," the Oklahoma-based Biffle said. "The fact the head's weight keeps the bug on bottom and in contact with structure during the retrieve puts it where bass live. The lure has lots of action and is a good all-around size. You can't fish it wrong. I have so much confidence in the combo that it's not unusual for me to have every rod on my boat rigged with a bug and HardHead during a tournament."

Joining the 4.25" Biffle Bug and 3.5" Biffle Bug Jr. lineup for 2013 are six new colors: grape big red, mossy pumpkin, black gold purple, leech, Bama bug and Okeechobee craw.

The Biffle Bug has a cupped-tail design that is a patented characteristic borrowed from the Larew Biffle-O series, another innovative design by the veteran bass professional. The Biffle Bug's hollow body allows for placement of a rattle, flotation materials or scents on the inside, plus it makes for optimized hook setting because the body collapses when a fish strikes it.

Both bug sizes come packaged eight per re-sealable bag and retail for around $5.99 per pack.

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