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Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer brings in Grand Lake record largemouth bass

Congratulations to Sand Springs (Okla.) angler Billy Lemon for his catch on Sunday, March 3, of the new Grand Lake record largemouth bass - 12.3 pounds. Lemon and his partner Cory Smith were fishing the first Nichol's Marine Team Tournament event of the year, and were on the same lake where the Bassmaster Classic finished up just one week earlier.

Lemon caught the giant around noon on an umbrella rig fitted with five Gene Larew Sweet Swimmers in Alabama Shad color, rigged on Larew's High Tide 1/8 ounce black jigheads. He said they had caught their first fish just an hour earlier, and it was a five pounder. Lemon said they didn't realize it was as big as it was at the time, but knew it was 10+ pounder. They quickly put it in the livewell and went back to work to finish out their five fish limit.

Lemon and Smith won the nearly 300-boat tournament with a five-fish total weight of 24.95 pounds. He said the Alabama Shad Sweet Swimmer has been their preferred umbrella rig bait since discovering the color last winter.

Records indicate the bass is the largest ever for Grand Lake. The Oklahoma state record largemouth is 14 pounds, 12.3 ounces, and was caught in March 2012 on Cedar Lake in southeastern Oklahoma.

Lemon's record catch was live released back into the lake. He intends to have a replica made to the fish's 12.3 pound weight, with a 23 inch length and 21 inch girth.

Congratulations Billy Lemon.

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