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Larew opens facility to Bassmaster Classic fans

TULSA, Okla. (Feb. 29, 2016) - Gene Larew Lures has fishing fun of its own kind planned for those attending the 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic activities later this week in hometown Tulsa.

Telling Fish Tale Stories at the Gene Larew Open House during Bassmaster 2016 week.

The first to tell a fish story usually doesn't stand a chance. Fish tales are sure to be flying at Larew's Open House this Friday and Saturday. March 4 and 5, with the Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa. Open House hours are 7 - 10 a.m.

Larew is opening its doors to the public, Friday and Saturday, March 4 and 5, 7 - 10 a.m., for free facility tours where it makes its popular Gene Larew and Bobby Garland soft plastic fishing lures. The 22,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant is located on Tulsa's northeast side between I-44 and I-244, positioned one block east of Highway 169 on 11th Street. Its "fish bowl" water tower marks the spot on historic Route 66.

Visitors can see how Biffle Bugs, Baby Shads and other Larew and Bobby Garland soft plastic baits are made during Larew's Open House.

Visitors can see how Biffle Bugs, Baby Shads and other Larew and Bobby Garland soft plastic baits are made during Larew's Open House. Hours are 7 - 10 a.m., March 4 and 5, and precede the Classic Expo's doors opening on those dates.

Daylight Donuts, coffee and fishing talk are on the agenda. Both mornings will feature several of the company's national bass and crappie pro staffers, including Tommy Biffle, Fred Roumbanis, John Murray, Jacob Wheeler, Andrew Upshaw, James Rains, Jeff Schwieterman, Garrett Steele and Dan Dannenmueller.

Guests can get one-on-one bass fishing tips for the Biffle Bug, Punch Out Craw and TattleTail worms from the pros who designed them, and learn firsthand the fun and effective crappie fishing technique called dock shooting from Garland prostaffers.

Guessing contest at the Gene Larew Open House and at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic.

How many? The guessing game is just one of several activities Larew has at its Open House and booth during the 2016 Bassmaster Classic Expo in Tulsa, March 4 - 6.

Visitors of all ages can participate in the guess-how-many-baits contest featuring a 10-gallon aquarium loaded to the brim with lures varying in size from 1-inch to a foot long.

The guessing game continues at the Larew booth during the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo in downtown Tulsa. The top 3 closest guesses win Yeti cooler products valued from $250 - $350.

The Bassmaster Classic Expo, March 4 - 6, is located in the Cox Business Center and entry is free. Expo hours are Friday, noon - 8 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.; and Sunday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Larew's booth number is 1023. On display will be the latest products from all of the company's brands, including the new mini-lure crappie items, the Garland 1.25-inch Itty Bit Slab Slay'Rs and Crappie Pro Overbite Sickle Jigheads. And even more Larew and Garland pros will be on hand to share their fishing tips and knowledge.

"Hosting the Bassmaster Classic is a big deal for any city, but to have it in Tulsa where we have such a fishing-rich history already, makes it huge," said Larew President Chris Lindenberg. "Whether you fish or not, you'll find the Expo has something for everybody. If you miss it, you'll miss a lot."

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