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Gene Larew Salt Craw celebrates 30 years

The Gene Larew Salt Craw is arguably one of the most recognized baits in all of bass fishing. It is also the lure that is credited for really starting the salt craze in soft plastic baits when it hit the market in 1983.

Company founder Gene Larew experimented with many ingredients "from Coca-Cola to chocolate" before settling on salt as being the one additive that bass preferred the most. Larew was ultimately successful in patenting the salt impregnation process in baits.

Although Larew passed before seeing his company rise to the fame it enjoys today, and the patent has since expired, the Salt Craw remains a top-selling lure and a fish-catching favorite.

In celebration of the Salt Craw's 30th anniversary in 2013, the company has rolled back prices on the 4" Salt Craw in its popular 10-count bags, plus has introduced five new colors for it.

The new colors are mossy pumpkin, Okeechobee craw, green pumpkin/chartreuse pepper, green pumpkin/watermelon pepper and motor oil gold. In somewhat of an ironic twist, motor oil gold was the second color the Salt Craw became available in, following electric blue. Larew introduced electric blue as a soft plastic color to the market.

"The fact that the Salt Craw is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the same year that our manufacturing home of Tulsa (Okla.) is hosting the 2013 Bassmaster Classic is a big deal to us," said Larew owner Chris Lindenberg. "You can expect a lot of things from our company around Classic time, including an open house where visitors can see Salt Craws being made. We'll also be giving away a commemorative package of Salt Craws during the Classic."

The 2013 Bassmaster Classic is being held on Oklahoma's Grand Lake of the Cherokees, with the daily weigh-ins to be held at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa. The Classic dates are Feb. 22-24, 2013.