6" Hawg Craw

Little baits catch more fish and this one catches them all. Comes in 15-count bag.

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Available Colors:

HC11 Black Neon HC113 Pumpkin Seed Candy
HC15 Red Bug HC116 Watermelon Cracker
HC48 Junebug HC208 Blackberry/Blue Sapphire (LAM)
HC67 Plum HC255 Sooner Run (LAM)
HC68 Plum Apple HC0403 Black Blue/Blue
HC71 Pumpkin Pepper HC0417 Black Blue/Powder Blue
HC73 Pumpkin Pepper Green HC1105 Black Neon/Chartreuse
HC77 Black Emerald HC1110 Black Neon/Fire
HC87 Pumpkin Seed HC4803 Junebug/Blue
HC88 Green Pumpkin HC5314 Melon Pepper Neon/Orange Green
HC90 Smoke Blue Orange HC7113 Pumpkin Pepper/Orange
HC91 Smoke Green Orange HC7305 Pumpkin Pepper Green/Chartreuse
HC96 Watermelon Pepper HC7312 Pumpkin Pepper Green/Green
HC97 Watermelon Pepper Blue HC8705 Pumpkin Seed/Chartreuse
HC98 Watermelon Pepper Neon HC8974 Smoke Neon/Pumpkin Pepper Neon (LAM)
HC111 Natural Craw (LAM) HC9605 Watermelon Pepper/Chartreuse

Shown in Black Blue/Blue

Bobby Garland, a well-known bass fisherman, had many unique soft plastic designs to his credit over many years in the fishing industry, including the Gitzit and Spider Grub.

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