4.25" Rattlin' Crawler

Hollow body chamber ampliflies quality glass rattle on the inside. Oversized kick-pads deliver crazy thumping action. Use on HardHeads, as jig trailers or by itself. Comes in 6-count bag.

Available Colors:

RC04 Black Blue RC208 Blackberry/Sapphire (LAM)
RC11 Black Neon RC228 Green Pumpkin Candy
RC76 Sapphire Blue RC255 Sooner Run (LAM)
RC88 Green Pumpkin RC286 Mossy Pumpkin (LAM)
RC92 Smoke Silver RC314 Red Swamp Craw
RC96 Watermelon Pepper RC315 Dark Watermelon Pepper/Pumpkin Purple (LAM)
RC8831 Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse Pepper (LAM)

Shown in Green Pumpkin Candy

Bobby Garland, a well-known bass fisherman, had many unique soft plastic designs to his credit over many years in the fishing industry, including the Gitzit and Spider Grub.

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