3.5" Saltwater Minnow

Saltwater tough formulation, but with lots of swimming action. Great colors. Comes in 15-count bag.

Available Colors:

SWS32 Firecracker SWS222 Opening Night (LAM)
SWS44 Gold Neon SWS223 New Penny (LAM)
SWS51 Limetreuse SWS224 Purple/White
SWS61 Natural Shrimp SWS225 Gray Ghost (LAM)
SWS92 Smoke Silver SWS227 Mullet (LAM)
SWS210 Firetiger (LAM) SWS610 Natural Shrimp W/ Green Glitter
SWS211 Rainbow (LAM) SWS0719 Strawberry/White
SWS212 Real Shad (LAM) SWS2105 Brown/Chartreuse
SWS213 Red Shrimp (LAM) SWS3310 Chartreuse Silver/Fire
SWS214 Golden Shrimp (LAM) SWS4305 Glow/Chartreuse
SWS215 Orange Shrimp (LAM) SWS4405 Gold Neon/Chartreuse
SWS216 Black Shrimp (LAM) SWS6505 Pearl/Chartreuse
SWS219 Electric Chicken (LAM) SWS6510 Pearl/Fire
SWS220 Black/Chartreuse SWS6705 Plum/Chartreuse
SWS221 Avocado Red SWS8405 Rootbeer/Chartreuse

Shown in Rainbow (top) and Firetiger(bottom)

Bobby Garland, a well-known bass fisherman, had many unique soft plastic designs to his credit over many years in the fishing industry, including the Gitzit and Spider Grub.

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