11" Salty Snake

Don't throw it unless you're ready for a fight. Comes in 10-count bag.

Available Colors:

11SN04 Black Blue 11SN76 Blue Sapphire
11SN11 Black Neon 11SN77 Black Emerald
11SN15 Red Bug 11SN81 Red Gold
11SN28 Camouflage (LAM) 11SN82 Red Shad (LAM)
11SN29 Chameleon Neon 11SN88 Green Pumpkin
11SN41 Fire & Ice (LAM) 11SN93 Tequila Sunrise (LAM)
11SN46 Grape Big Red 11SN95 Tomato Red
11SN55 Junebug Red 11SN96 Watermelon Pepper
11SN48 Junebug 11SN97 Watermelon Pepper Blue
11SN66 Dark Plum 11SN100C Blue Fleck (Crave)
11SN67 Plum 11SN101 Watermelon Neon Purple
11SN68c Plum Apple (Crave)

Shown in Dark Plum

Bobby Garland, a well-known bass fisherman, had many unique soft plastic designs to his credit over many years in the fishing industry, including the Gitzit and Spider Grub.

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